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Insurer Clients

  • Ace American Insurance Company
  • Ace Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • ACE USA Companies
  • American Guarantee & Liability Insurance Co
  • California Union Insurance Company
  • Century Indemnity Company
  • Cities Insurance Association of Washington
  • Clear Risk Solutions
  • Cravens, Dargan & Company, Pacific Coast
  • Illinois Union Insurance Company
  • Non-Profit Insurance Program
  • Pacific Employers Insurance Company
  • Schools Insurance Association of Washington
  • Steadfast Insurance Company
  • United Schools Insurance Program
  • Washington Rural Counties Insurance Program
  • Zurich American Insurance Company
  • Zurich N.A. Companies


Litigation Clients

We represent individuals, small businesses, national, and international companies in litigating and resolving claims, from small local disputes to ongoing mass tort litigation. In asbestos-related litigation, we represent clients including:

  • Industrial equipment manufacturers (pumps, valves, boilers and others)
  • Gasket and packing manufacturers
  • Flooring manufacturers
  • Aircraft products manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of various products used on US Navy and commercial vessels
  • Fiber suppliers
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Automotive products manufacturers
  • Small business owners
  • Construction and service contractors
  • Food products manufacturers and distributors
  • Retailers
  • Grocers